The M.E.K. (Modern Everyday carry Kiridashi) is my take on the Japanese kiridashi; the small utility blade used in the region for thousands of years. Every day we encounter tasks like stripping wire, cutting against hard surfaces, or cutting through abrasive material that could damage or dull the blade of even the sturdiest knife. To solve this problem, the M.E.K. uses a standard utility knife blade that can be easily replaced if it gets dull or chipped. The thin offset blade allows you to make accurate and precise cuts wherever you need to. Another benefit to the M.E.K. is that is convenient for travel not only because of its size and weight, but you can remove the blade and take it with you even on a plane; then you just pick up a new blade at your destination.

What's Included

You will always get the knife shown in the image on the listing, unless it is a solid color synthetic material since the figure and pattern will not change. However, every wood handled or patterned synthetic M.E.K. is photographed individually upon creation. The body of the M.E.K. is made from grade 5 titanium with stainless steel hardware securing the blade and handle. All handles are removable and feature a small cavity in the middle (I store emergency cash in mine). Each M.E.K. has a stonewashed finish and includes one blade, one hex key for changing the blade and handles, and your choice of either a black or natural leather pocket sheath. The sheath eyelets are conveniently spaced at one inch, fitting many standard clips and allowing for many carry options, however I do custom attachments as well.

Find more information about the M.E.K. on the F.A.Q page.

Customs orders are always a favorite of mine so if you have a handle material in mind that is not listed, email me and let me know.



Email me for international orders if you live outside any of the currently available countries. I add to the list as I get orders from around the world.