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Kiridashi Pre-order

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This is the official pre-order for the next batch of kiridashis (PICTURES ARE ALL FROM THE LAST BATCH.) If you would like to reserve a spot just add this to your cart and checkout as normal, I will reach out via email to figure out what handle material you would like and get you a final price. The $5 "shipping" will stop bots from spamming this listing and taking all the spots but it will be applied to your total.

These kiridashis are 5 3/8" long with a 2" cutting edge. This batch will have magnacut steel and will start at $220 shipped, the exact price will depend on your choice of handle material and any add-ons. I expect these to be ready to ship by late August but I will give you a more exact date once the pre-order spots are filled. If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact me anytime.